Fun must be

Schwanenzeit Wildlife Film as a Klick mich eCard and here in the store the new version of the audio drama in HD sound for download

Dear friends of Kaiser-Filmix and the art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser,

Today the new wildlife film Swan Time was finished. You get this here as a click me eCard with 9 minutes of playing time as free sharing.

Here in the store you get the audio drama, i.e. the audio track of the film in High Resolution Audio HD quality with 24 to 96 Khz to buy as a download in a new final version 2 with additional sounds. The download also includes the film in 1080 pixels with a total of 141 MB and the cover photo with the pair of swans in high resolution.

The production time of this film and radio play took a total of 6 months. For the last 6 months I have been regularly filming and taking photos and for nearfield recordings in the region on the Rhine where the film was made. The film contains all original recordings that I personally filmed and photographed. During the shooting, I combined the useful with the pleasant and also regularly went for a walk there or had a coffee to go from the kiosk on site. This total work of art Schwanenzeit shows collected memories from this region there.

It always felt a bit like a friendship project between France and Germany, because the area there is partly administered by the French and is also right on the border.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed.

Have fun with this total work of art

Your team from Kaiser-Filmix and Ralf Christoph Kaiser