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Schwanen Sex free sharing click me eCard and Schwanen-Herz Wallpaper to download

Dear friends of kaiser-filmix and Ralf Christoph Kaiser and animal lovers,
Today was bad weather and I have decided to make animal observations as undisturbed as possible. I spent over two hours in the pampas on foot with a camera and only on officially permitted routes. I wanted to see the sea eagle and take a picture of him, but that was difficult because I couldn't spot it. At first I was a bit disappointed, but then I found out how to set the camera so that I can actively see on the animal level and take better photos in their oscillation. I took several test photos and slowly approached better and better motifs. I worked my way up, so to speak; -. Then I found two swans who were making love on the water behind a thicket and undergrowth about 4 meters from the official path. I just kept quiet and took photos as often as possible. Thereby these wonderful recordings came about which you can see here in the free sharing Schwanen Sex klick mich eCard. The eCard shows 10 scenes from their love game like in a thumb cinema to click through. You can always go back and forth in this click me eCard.
I am very grateful for this experience today with the swans, because I have seldom seen anything so beautiful with the animals. When I looked at the photos at home, I almost tears of emotion again. At the beginning the swans had alternately stretched their heads under the water as a prelude, so to speak as proof that they were ready for maintenance as if they wanted to graze together, just faster in the process. I suppose you got aroused by it. Then suddenly it got hot as you can see in the photo series and in the end you both stretched your necks upwards in great love and joy and touched each other again, as if you were about to kiss. You have then taken this pose as you form a heart with your necks next to each other. I was amazed. You knew, so to speak, that I was taking photos and playing with my camera. That was very unique. I thanked you afterwards and went on respectfully and quietly and happily.
You can now download the swan-heart wallpaper in high resolution for your mobile phone here.

Thanks for your support!
Your Kaiser-Filmix team