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new free sharing click me ecard with free song download:"It came in a short time"plus the international lyrics and the wallpaper with the mandala in blue and gold by Ralf Christoph Kaiser here in the store

Dear friends of kaiser-filmix, today I want to give you thenew click to introduce myself to free sharing eCard: "It came shortly"

Here in the store you get the lyrics in the international version and the wallpaper with the Madala uaf blue and gold in two versions as well as the song as a 24 bit 44 Khz loosless wav file in better resolution.

Here are the lyrics to read in advance:

It came shortly, by Ralf Christoph Kaiser October 28th, 2020

It came shortly

with seasoning,

I apron my lips

You lovely satisfaction of all longings,

I would like to continue to accompany you,

our tree is bearing fruit again

I have renewed "lusts for love"

that's why I whisper here:

"I love you"

When I knew

How I could make you happy

I voted for it

I open the door for us

The door to happiness

The sun is shining

The boat plows through the Rhine

I want to be with you

Thank you for your support!

Your kaiser-filmix team