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Nachtaktiv as an orchestral version by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in HD including sheet music as download

Dear friends of Kaiser-Filmix and Ralf Christoph Kaiser, Today you can download the work Nachtaktiv in an orchestral version as HD sound including sheet music here for download. You can also view the Klick mich eCard with free mp3 here for free.

The piece Nachtaktiv sounds a bit like a requiem, but nevertheless cautiously optimistic, as if you got lost in a strange city and the navigation system says:"Please turn around at the next opportunity."

It feels like a"dead end street".

Somehow I can't really get rid of this feeling during the Corona Pnademie period, eg how motivated I get to work, or how hard I party:Somehow I think a strategy change is necessary and before I get out of my job as a media worker in the digital age I'm trying to get out of the car now to focus on green energy and websites that are as CO2-optimized as possible, and we are also planting trees. Somehow there has to be a future now that so much is being converted to digital.

Instead of a grave, I just wish that my works will continue to be online on the Internet and that there will still be a use for it in the future, for which I have worked for decades ...

I am very grateful if you support here!

So thanks and cheer up!

Your team from kaiser-filmix and Ralf Christoph Kaiser