Fun must be

my new vibration by true bond now also here at kaiser-filmix as free sharing click me ecard with free mp3 and in the store the HD version plus astro photos of Ralf Christoph Kaiser Nebula in original size

Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser-Filmix, today the new "click me"ecard:"my new vibration" goes online. In it you can look at photos of the stars by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and listen to the mp3 of"true bond","my new vibration"and download it for free. Here you get version 1 of the song, which was previously unreleased. In this version, the surround sound is stronger and the lead voice is a bit more subtle, which makes the song sound a bit more harmonious.
The star photos show the Ralf Christoph Kaiser Nebula, a star cluster near the Casiopaia. I got as close as possible to here. You can see the nebula colors in one of the photos and also see the main stars in large. There is also a 30 second exposure on the cover image from this view. When I looked, I was surprised to find so many stars that I didn't know before ...
A special revelation for Astro fans who love the stars.
You get the HD version of the song and the mp3 in the purchase download here in the store. In addition, the Astro photos from the eCard in original resolution.
Have fun with this song and the photos!
Your kaiser-filmix team