Fun must be

Moon 00 free sharing"click me"eCard and moon wallpaper for your mobile phone

Dear friends of 00,The Moon 00 is now available as a free sharing "click me" eCardand here in the store a moon wallpaper for your mobile phone as a screen background.

The Moon 00 is the best one shot of the Earth's moon in 2021 and only edited for 3 minutes. So take this opportunity and download the wallpaper and this picture ...
The earth is a wonderful place and always has beautiful moments of happiness and surprises in store for you to smile at. So here too. A few days ago I found this ingenious Hotwheel toy car and knew it was mine, Moon 00 for aperture 00; -

So now here the download and thefree sharing click me eCard Moon 00 according to the motto: "It has to be a little fun!"
Thanks to all Klick me and Kaiser-Filmix fans from the very beginning: ... "We are the world" ...

Love and Peace
Ralf Christoph Kaiser