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Canada Gaensefamilie goes ashore Wildlife Video with O-Tone by kaiser-filmix as free sharing click me ecard and here in the store you can download the 4K original film including wallpaper for your mobile phone

Dear friends of Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser-Filmix, today there is a great new wildlife film with O-Tone, a treat for all "nature lovers".

Here you get the free sharing intecative click me ecard.

Here in the store you can also buy the original film in High Resolution 4K with O-Tone. The download package also includes a wallpaper with the goose family eating with their two cubs.

You can see 4 Canada geese, the parents and their two babies, who imitate everything the parents do ...

Today I was very grateful to be able to look at these animals so closely. I stayed at a proper distance and used a large telephoto lens. In addition, the session was just a few minutes, then I left to leave her alone again.

In contact with the animals, you can tell when you agree that they are being watched and filmed, and when they want you to go and leave them alone. It is easier to get in contact by first connecting with nature in the spirit and absorbing the vibrations from this region.

Sometimes I'm just there for an hour and listen. The camera is usually only used for a few minutes. I prefer to make regular observations than as much as possible in one day. There are different moments and opportunities every day, and some days are less exciting. But every now and then, real "master shots" succeed that make your heart open, as is the case with this goose family today.

I am very grateful for this task currently with the wildlife and nature observation, because there are wonderful experiences and memories. Sometimes you only realize afterwards how special and ingenious what happened was.

Thank you for your support!

Your kaiser-filmix team with Ralf Christoph Kaiser