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Good night song with the man in the moon interactive click me eCard and moon wallpaper

Dear friends of Kaiser-Filmix and Ralf Christoph Kaiser, Today there is something new.A short lullaby with the man in the moon as an interactive click me eCard: Man in the moon

In addition, there is also the moon photo here in the store as a wallpaper for your mobile phone as a screen background or for printing or as a gift.

I am happy if these Klick Fun eCards on this website bring a lot of fun and you diligently share the links ...

Everyone knows that sometimes you can't sleep at night because something is still on your mind or because you feel so lonely.

I found the idea of the man in the moon, or alternatively, the sand man who strews sand in the rain so that you can fall asleep, or the sleep guard his sleep guard, or whatever else there is so funny for children, always very nice. And I myself very often read bedtime stories or sang songs even earlier than the children, even younger. Sometimes I've already missed that time ...

Here's a little fun reminder ...


Have fun with the man in the moon

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser