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Farmers Quest free song download and here in the store the international lyrics and the horse wallpaper for mobile phones

Dear friends of kaiser-filmix and the art ofRalf Christoph Kaiser, today you get the new Klick mich eCard with a free song download: "Farmers Quest".

Here in the store you get the lyrics from the song in an international version as a PDF and the wallpaper with the two horses as a screen background for your mobile phone.

I am happy to share this work of art with you.


Here are the lyrics:

High hopes for a small price, June 23, 2020 by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

High hopes for a small price

I know myself right about you

Optimistic to the top

You have real love in it

Better that you know right away

Your tenderness illuminates my mind

Hui instead of ugh

Hüh hot ’instead of the scaffold,

The worries are gone again

We love each other in this place.



I thank you for your support

Your kaiser-filmix team