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Squirrel Click me eCard and wallpaper for your mobile phone

Hello dear friends of kaiser-filmix and the art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I would like to give you a new beautiful one free sharing Click me to present eCard with the squirrel.

In addition to the Klick mich eCard, the squirrel is now available here in the store as a wallpaper for your mobile phone in large format as a download.

I am also posting my squirrel poem about it here:

"A squirrel wakes me up from hibernation"

A squirrel wakes me up from hibernation
I feel like a freshly shorn sheep
timid and nimble it scurries away
Swiftly from branch to branch,
I look forward to it as if I were a child
A quick photo
With the camera at the right moment,
Mysterious and fabulous
In romantic rapture and full of juice
The true perception satisfies my mental hunger
I greet the moment of happiness
Who presents himself here almost as if in passing,
Curse and skilfully it hops away
And disappears behind the fir trees
Just caught, then gone again
It then quickly hid.
I respectfully know
This scene is as precious as a sack of rice.
Dandelion sun in the face,
I'll call wish again later in the summer
And eat fresh, juicy peach.


Thanks for your support!


Your Kaiser-Filmix team