Fun must be

"The Froggis at the pond"wallpaper fan article virtual digital download

Dear friends of Kaiser-Filmix, today there is again something new from the Froggis at the pond. It is a short "click me" picture story with sound that makes you smile. The story goes over several scenes and contains 4 funny punchlines that can be discovered with a click.


Here you can see the interactive "click me" joke with the Froggis and share it with friends for free:The froggis.

I am happy if you diligently share the link, because I hereby support the idea of "free fun sharing".

If you want to support my work as an artist and you like this short story, then you can download the ultimate digital wallpaper "The Froggis" jpg here.

To cover the cost of running this store and the website, the minimum price is 0.45 euros per download.

You can print out the wallpaper or share it with friends or use it as a screen background on your mobile phone.

Have fun with the froggis!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser