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Evening sky on the Rhine by Ralf Christoph Kaiser new film as Klick mich eCard and original audio download here in the store in 4K quality and HD sound Wildlife FX

Dear friends of kaiser-filmix and Ralf Christoph Kaiser,Today I would like to present you the new free sharing Klick mich eCard with the evening sky on the Rhine.

This video is very much accelerated, so that the clouds in the sky fly by very quickly as in time lapse. There is also a terrific original sound in the film as a free download.

Here in the store you can download the video in 4K resolution and download the original Wildlife original sound with FX sound noises from the recording location in 7 minutes in HD quality. At the beginning the recording sounds like an audio drama because in it I also see myself walking along the gravel path and eating an apple. Further back from minute 5 only the original Wild Life sounds can be heard in best quality. A must for audio lovers and wildlife fans.

I offer you the download of the video with the sound FX in HD sound for a total of 6.80 euros. This includes the rights to use this material in your work as long as you mention "Ralf Christoph Kaiser on" in the imprint or credits.

Thank you for your support!


Have fun with the material.


Your kaiser-filmix team